Today, more and more subcultures are becoming accepted into the mainstream society whether they want to or not and skateboarding in particular is becoming increasingly welcomed whilst our concrete jungles are growing. However, there still remains un-skateable obstacles by means of security and bylaws restricting their fun to sanctioned skateparks which more often than not are not kept to growing standards of our skateboarders today.



The infamous Hotel de Ville have been sharing the plaza with public citizens amicably with no issues for decades. Unfortunately, the iconic Louis Pradel plaza in Lyon – or Hotel de Ville to skateboarders – is under threat as plans for a renovation is due this January to destroy their presence and history after the Plaza was made famous via skate videos in the 1900s which is known worldwide.


News of the renovation came as a surprise to local skaters, as they weren’t included in any conversations regarding the planning for the new incarnation of this world famous plaza. In response, Lyon skaters have drafted a petition with hopes that the city will recognise the cultural significance skateboarding has brought to the plaza, and not exclude them from being a part of its future.  Let’s hope the shredding of one of skateboarding’s most beloved spots continues!


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