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Top 5 Extreme Sports Moments of 2016

2016 is now gone and it has left us with some of the most incredible moments of Extreme Sport history. Here our top 5

1) Luke Aikins 25,000 feet jump without parachute!

Luke Aikins has made history by becoming the first person to jump 25,000 feet without parachute. Many people would think he’s been a crazy adrenaline seeker with no respect for life! However, Luke has been training and planning every possible challenge for almost 18 months and after 2 minutes free fall he safely landed into a huge 100ft by 100ft net.

2) Ryan Williams’ massive 1080 BMX frontflip

Travis Pastrana has been able to revitalise the extreme sports industry thanks to the creation of the Nitro World Games. The competition has seen some of the greatest riders throwing world’s first tricks over that magic ramp. One of these was the massive 1080 BMX frontflip made by the Australian legend Ryan Williams.

3) Kyle Wester Breaks the World Speed Record for Downhill Skating

On August 29th 2016, the 29 years old Kyle Wester have smashed the world speed record on a skateboard. Previously owned by the Canadian Erik Lundberg, the record of 81,17mph has been beaten by Kyle who has reached the insane speed of 89.41mph.

4) Nathan Paulin and Danny Mensik Set a New Slackline Distance Record

Many people would take 10-12 minutes to complete one km walking with their feet on the ground, but imagine being suspended in the air with only a tiny slack line as surface. Well, Nathan Paulin and Danny Mensik managed to set a new distance record in slacking by completing 1 km in one hour and 15 min (Nathan) and 40 min (Danny). The highline has been placed between the Paroi Derobee and the Crete de Mont Mal, which is one of the most famous French climbing areas near Aiglun.

5) The world’s longest swing

Red Bull did it again. The energy drink company decided to go beyond the limits of possible by creating the longest swing ever, 1800 meters high above the ground. Two hot air balloons and 4 skydivers have made many kids’ dream come true. Thanks to a perfect organization and logistic, the show has been perfectly executed during the first try.


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