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Skaters Ride the Frozen Sand in Norway

Do you ever just want to escape into nature? Leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life, inhale the ocean air and watch sunsets melt into pink mountains…with your skateboard too?


4 skaters, Karsten Kleppan, Didrik Galasso, Henrik Lund, Hermann Stene  headed to a beach in Northern Norway, armed with their boards, ready to defy nature they switched their urban rituals for frozen sand, driftwood, icey waves and a deserted coastline.

Jørn Nyseth Ranum, Director, concocted this ingenious idea 4 years ago after having surfed all day in the Norwegian Atlantic he stepped onto the sand to find solid rock. Skating on frozen sand hatched into a plan which grew and grew until one day the ice was right and the pastel skies called the skaters.

The scenes were out of this world. The four guys wore black, almost silhouetted against pinky purple sky, the sun slowly setting over snow-capped mountains. Skating on frozen sand created a similar platform to concrete BUT it was -10 degrees, no cars, no lights but plenty of driftwood, seaweed, natural obstacles and even an old fishing boat to perform tricks, ollies and flips.

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For many, the idea was crazy – the sand doesn’t freeze? That’s way too cold. The coolest thing about the whole trip was the man made sand ramp that they built using a wooden frame, plenty of sand, probably some shells and maybe some crabs and created this awesome ramp that froze overnight.Seeing the homies flipping their boards, and doing their thaaang with the backdrop of a perfect, wild, uninhabited beach has to be one of the most rad things ever. In fact, there is a hidden message in this short movie…in the end nature conquers all and we should all love and respect the beaut world we live in.  The guys spent hours building the sand ramp, but there’s a storm a brewing, and mother nature’s anger flairs out in the waves and crumbles the frozen ramp into a million pieces of sand and one would have ever known the skaterz had been there breaking records and making history.






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