The Brits Day 3 – Extreme Gold

Day 3 of The Brits was as big as it gets. Regardless of a cloudy start, It brought us action from Ski and Snowboard. Not only that EXTREME rider Rowan Cheshire stomped her run and returned to her rightful podium spot.


The country’s best halfpipe skiers were out in force on day three of the BRITS 2017 as the titles were decided in the British Ski Halfpipe Championships. With the sun breaking through the clouds in time to proceed with a two-run competition, it was EXTREME skier Rowan Cheshire and Pete Speight who were crowned British Halfpipe Champions.

Rowan Cheshire was back on form and showed the rest of the field what she has on lock, nailing her first run of a 540 tail grab, right side 540, big alley-oop and a 720. With Cheshire’s near perfect run, it was her team-mate Molly Summerhayes who got close, laying down an impressive run which included a solid mute grab, left side 540, switch 360 truckdriver and a right side 540 to take silver. Twelve year old Kirsty Muir again showed her form with a solid run of back to back 540s, a switch 360 and an 360 alley oop, which landed her the bronze.


Rowan was stoked after collecting her gold medal: “I am really over the moon to become British Champion. It was a good day. I haven’t been to the BRITS for years, so it is great to be back. The atmosphere has been brilliant and everyone just loves it.”


In the men’s competition. Pete Speight returned to Laax to try and retain his British Halfpipe title, and after recently landing a dub 12 in training, Speight was riding high and as he went all out in his first run with back to back 9s, a right side 720, switch 720 and a flat spin 540. His first run was untouchable, even with new kid on the block Alex Glavatsky-Yeadon coming for him, putting down a run with huge hits, including a flair, 900 tail and cork 9 tail. With Speight claiming gold and Glavatsky-Yeadon silver, it was up to GB Park and Pipe Pathway skier Chris McCormick to take bronze, and his second podium of the BRITs, after his third place finish in yesterday’s Ski Slopestyle.


Speight said after his win: “I am really pleased to take the win. I am glad that we managed to get a weather window. I tried to put down some World Cup tricks to boost the competition, whilst at the same time staying relatively safe.”


British Ski Halfpipe Championships Results

Men                                                                 Women

1st – Pete Speight                                              1st – Rowan Cheshire

2nd – Alexander Glavatsky – Yeadon            2nd – Molly Summerhayes

3rd – Chris McCormick                                   3rd – Kirsty Muir



The Picture Big Air British Championships brought stle and bangers all day long with a kicker focussed format returning to the BRITS for the first time in five years ahead of the discipline’s debut at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang this coming February.

Again, clouds and mist delayed the start of competition, but once riding started, it didn’t stop. Snow conditions were on point, and the world-class kickers shaped by the Laax park team were running perfectly. Each rider had two finals runs before the top 12 men and top six women progressed to a two run super final.


In the men’s comp it was a battle between the new British Slopestyle Champion Matt McCormick, and his GB Park and Pipe teammate Henry Shackleton. In the first round, it was McCormick who drew first blood. The Scotsman’s back 1080 double-cork was cleaner than Shackleton’s, and Matt had the lead going into the super final. But Henry wasn’t done, and brought it in the final round with a steezy cab 1260 double. An absolute banger. Matt fired back with a dub 10 reverse truckdriver, which was just drippin in style. Unfortunately for him it wasn’t enough, and he had to settle for a silver, completing his collection after gold in slopestyle and bronze in boardercross. Cairan Tucker’s back 7 mute put the 17 year old on his age-group’s and the overall podium, taking under 18 gold and overall bronze.
Shackleton said “It’s a cab double 12 that I learnt recently, so I was happy to put it down in a run, it’s the first time I’ve put it down in competition”

The women’s saw GB Park and Pipe rider Aimee Fuller grabbing another British Championship making it two in the week. Aimee spent more time upside down than she did on 2 feet; under-flipping her way to another gold. Fuller’s signature trick was on point and in both runs, which secured the win. The fight for the rest of the podium was spicy, as style and amplitude went face to face against raw technicality. In the end Fiona Reid’s huge backside 180 wasn’t enough to overturn Cerys Allen’s 720, but it was noted as a highlight by the judges.

After collecting her 2nd gold in three days, Aimee said: “It was really awesome to ride with the girls again, and see some really good stuff going down. It’s cool to see that the level is definitely there in the UK, and it’s great to be a part of that and ride with the rest of the UK girls.”
Picture British Big Air Championships – Snowboard Results

Men                                                     Women

1st – Henry Shackleton                        1st – Aimee Fuller

2nd – Matt McCormick                         2nd – Cerys Allen

3rd – Ciaran Tucker                              3rd – Fiona Reid


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The BRITS would not be possible without its highly supportive Partners: LAAX, Picture Organic Clothing, SWISS International Airlines, Switzerland Tourism and British Ski & Snowboard (BSS).

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